I Survived… Death, Depression, Divorce


When it rains it pours. In “I Survived…Death, Depression, Divorce”, Tammie Tubbs shares her life story of how she conquered the worst circumstances in life. Losing two sons, struggling with depression and walking away from a 15 year marriage that appeared to be ideally perfect would possibly cause anyone to lose their mind. BUT Tammie Tubbs, didn’t lose sight of her purpose. She vividly shares her heart of how her faith in God saved her when she felt like giving up.

In this book, Tammie shares inspirational words of wisdom for life situations. In addition, the author encourages you to reinvent yourself and walk in a purpose driven life.

If you have ever been overwhelmed, depressed, alone or felt unworthy, “I Survived…Death, Depression, Divorce” will empower you to live your best life now and trust God through to weather any storm in life.

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